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For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13-14

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Ministry of Reality Monday

It’s Monday! Okay, no, it’s actually Tuesday and yet again I am late at doing something. But when I explain the title of this post you will see how appropriate that is!

Some good friends of mine have started tossing around the idea lately of “ministry of reality”. It started with this lovely gal and then another lovely  lady had the idea to make it a blog series where we all participate. At some point we’ll get organized and link all of our blogs together.

So, what is Ministry of Reality? I think my friend does a great job explaining it so I will leave that to her and just jump right in.

What appealed to me most about this blog series idea is probably the overwhelming, nearly crippling at times, feeling of inadequacy I get when I read other mommy’s blogs. I read about the crafting, the cooking, the cleaning; the sewing, baking, gardening; the wonderful marriage that seem so blissful and the children who are memorizing Bible verses and praying for Haiti unprovoked. It sounds amazing…and it also sounds nothing like my life.

So I started talking about this with friends. I wondered if I really was the worst mother on the planet. And guess what I found out? I’m not. I’m NORMAL. I try hard, I fail hard. I try again. That is life. And I figure we all probably feel pretty inadequate at times and I never want to contribute to another mother’s struggle to “achieve” and “perform”. As women and mommy’s we are in a position to support each other in such unique ways and yet we so often hide our struggle and show only our shiny happy face to the world all the while hurting inside and if you’re like me feeling like you deserve a giant FAIL sign over your head most days.

And since I’m doing my first “Ministry of Reality Monday”  on a TUESDAY you have an excellent example of an area in which I struggle. I often have grand plans for things (for example my plan to compete in a triathlon this year…um…that isn’t happening) and MORE often fall quite short of my own expectations. I am sincerely hoping my plan to participate in this weekly blog series is not one of those things…

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    Kate, I’m so glad you’ve updated your blog! Oh, I can so relate to this post! I love your honesty. I think one thing that most moms struggle with are feelings of inadequacy as a mom, wife, etc. I know I do! It’s so easy to see what others are doing right, where you feel like you’re failing. But you know what? They are probably doing the same thing. We tend to see others’ strengths and our own weaknesses. So what if I don’t create delicious and fun meals daily from scratch daily (from my organic garden of course! lol); or that I don’t get up before my family in the mornings to do a 5-mile jog, shower, read my Bible, then prepare breakfast; or that my kids, though homeschooled, likely won’t be entering any spelling or geography bees and aren’t going to be prodigies; or that I don’t always have a happy submissive heart toward my husband. I fall short ALL THE TIME! ***sigh*** I wish we could get together, eat some chocolate, and veg in front of a chick flick :-) Miss you!

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    Tricia F.:

    Kate–Great idea. I look forward to reading what you and the other ladies have to write. I actually just stopped reading a few blogs for this reason. It’s just too overwhelming sometimes to read about what other moms are doing. Blogs are such a snapshot of life. And I do like getting ideas for things to do from them, but sometimes I’m just not at all encouraged reading them.

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